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The Sword Thief - Peter Lerangis Okay, continuing with me avoiding writing by reading, and then by ranting about the reading, here's a new review!* ^_^

You know how I didn't like One Missing Note? Because continuity with the characters got lost in a cave in austria and didn't come out? Character Continuity is BACK. In Japan, none the less!

After some forgettable exciting chases around Venice in the last book, Amy and Dan Cahill found some swords. Which means they should head immediately for Japan, OF COURSE. (I love the logic of these books. And their credit cards. I want one.) Unfortunately, they are VICIOUSLY tricked off the plane in the airport. By the Kobras, none the less. Not satisfied with unlimited funds, they have to steal Amy and Dan's plane tickets.

Well, all's fair in love and war, right?

And speaking of love...

Oh wait, I get ahead of myself. First they have to meet up with Uncle Alister, who knows about Japan. He's asian, you know. *nods* Well, Korean, which isn't the same thing, but more importantly, he's RICH. Hello private plane! GOOD BYE NINJAS. Hello Private estate! Hello Kobras? Uhh... I'm curiously okay with this...

I was delighted by the characters in this book. :D They were back! I was less delighted with the plot, and the reveal of the thing that "has the power to change the world." But hey, if I wanted mega plot, I wouldn't be reading a book for pre-teens. Oh, and after reading this, I looked up the the author on Goodreads, and I saw that he had written in several other series. Which leads me to my PROFOUND DISCOVERY of the week. Some people can write series. Some cant. Peter Lerangis can! I gave it four stars out of five.

*I am so awesome** with the time management.
**And the humility.