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One False Note  - Gordon Korman I started into this book excited about it. As I previously mentioned, I really liked the first book in the series, and I also am a longstanding fan of Gordon Korman. (So I got out of a painful birthday party by hiding in a behind a bed reading This Can't Be Happening At McDonald Hall. So what? So what? I WAS A RECLUSIVE CHILD OKAY?) Unfortunately my excitement didn't hold through to the end of the book.

It just felt too fast! Oh, we're on our way to Austria, LOL JK we're going to Venice, and on the way we're going to SQUANDER ALL OUR POTENTIAL.


Okay, this book is not written for my age group. But I just didn't find it memorable! The side characters were reduced to one note each (which was something I was delighted that DIDN"T happen in the first book,) and the main characters have morphed oddly into new people. And yes, it's hard to top being stuck in a pit that is being filled with cement for sheer adreneline-inducing reading, but boat chases in venice aren't- quite- as exciting. *yawns at the memory*

Okay, I know I have no soul. I'm griping at a harmless kid's book. But it wasn't as GOOD! *limps away like the curmudgeon she is, muttering*

I chalked it up to jet lag and gave it two stars out of five.