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Touchstone - Laurie R. King This book cost me hours of my life. Hours that I will never get back. And for the time I put in, I am rewarded with- nothing. It makes me quite genuinely angry.

Oh wait, the story has made me reconsider every plot I'm working on, so that if it holds the least resemblance to anything detailed in this book, I will change it. So I suppose that's something. *shoots book, then sets it on fire* *regrets, as that bears some resemblance to some things which happen in the book* *dies alone, despairing, having seen everything she cherishes destroyed before her eyes*

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It's books like this which make me realize again why I was driven away from the "grown up" section of the library. I HATE them. Hate them SO much.

I guess it was supposed to be clever?

Dear God and Saints preserve us. *takes a deep breath* Okay. The plot is that an American FBI agent follows a string of clues to England, in the mid nineteen twenties, in search of an anarchistic or communist bomber. Then he meet special people, and things go wrong, and Every Exiling Thing is a lie. Not in a good, oh-that's-clever way. In a bad, oh-dear-heavens-no-life-has-meaning-and-mine-least-of-all way.

I seriously want to use profanity in describing how this story made me feel. *takes another deep breath* I can do this.

Oh, and what was the emphasis on sex? Everything was "sensual" or "a sexual delight in causing pain," or "seductive" or in some way oh-so-ever-loving-free-minded. And enough with the rants against repressive sexual mores (e.g. sleeping around is good, and it's so unfair that people whisper if I take a new lover whenever I want.) That was over eighty years ago. We have Moved On. For better or for worse, we are No longer on that footing, and having your characters rant does Not express immediacy in any way, it just makes it seem even more like you're trying to re-write history for your own sad tragic heros!

Oh, and regarding your war-torn heros? I know, personally, people who've seen men blow to pieces and/or shot, and THEY still manage to have hope! Is your life so much more difficult, that you can't? That you must inflict your lack of hope on your characters, and from thence on the world? GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Can I go back to my kids' books now? Where there's still reasons to continue to life beyond habit?

I didn't like the plot, the characters, the descriptions or the morals. I gave it one star out of five.

I didn't like it.