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The Poison Eaters and Other Stories - Holly Black "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown"
This was the story that made me pick up the book, and it's still amazingly memorable. Of course it's very dark too, and talks about the length people will go for love and/or betrayal, but that's just classic Holly Black, eh? A vampire story for people who are amazed and confused by the twilight phenomenon.

"A Reversal of Fortune"
Nastily evocative. I enjoyed it, but I wish I didn't have it in my head now. When a girl gets into an eating contest with the Devil, nasty stuff goes down.

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf"
Let's just say I will shred all white flowers now. On sight. And the ending is very dark.

"The Night Market"
This one, on the other hand, had the most OMG AWESOME ending of a short story I think I've ever read. I never thought of using a love spell that way.

"The Dog King"
Tragic and painful. Children grow up and realize they've been betrayed, you know.

I, didn't quite get this? I think that's cause of the particular life-bubble I live in, though. It features unicorns and runaways and ruining people.

"In Vodka Veritas"
I think this is a romance, but I got distracted by the orgy.

"The Coat of Stars"
I loved this start to finish, and I did not expect to. I will spoil nothing, but it's easily my favourite story in the book. Okay okay it's a fae kidnapping, but it also has heroic tailors who use their skills, not just lying, and man-love and family loyalty and remembering where you came from and responsibility and yeah. I unexpectedly loved it.

"Paper Cuts Scissors"
I enjoyed it for the dewey decimal.

"Going Ironside"
This is how NOT to make a baby. Note to self.

"The Land of Heart's Desire"
Our old friends being amusingly depressing, and Rath Roiben Rye, possessor of the best name ever.

"The Poison Eaters"
The twist in the end is not the one you're expecting, I'm pretty sure. :D