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Year of the Griffin  - Diana Wynne Jones I intend to buy this book. It's set in the same world as Dark Lord Of Derkholm,but with enough time having passed, that most of the focus is on new characters, or characters who were minor in the previous book. I've had mixed success with previous sequels of DWJ, but this one was, well, lovely. YOU SHOULD ALL BUY IT.


Anyhow, the story focuses on six young students at the School of wizardry. They're all from diverse backgrounds, and together they learn to work as a team, trust themselves, face their fears, etc, etc, etc. And, given how it looks when you describe it like that, it's evident how easy it could have been for the story to dive into hackneyed school-story territory. But it didn't. People make mistakes, and learn from them. People have their illusions and ideas broken in messy ways, and they overcome real issues, not just problems of the "oh my word my teacher hates me FOR NO REASON, I must curl into a ball and weep... " variety.

Oh, and also it's hilarious, sad, touching, and lovely. Sometimes all at the same time. Go, buy it.